Spring 2016

Animal Acoustics (BIO 300)    Animal Acoustics explores the diverse use of sound across the animal kingdom, along with methods and techniques for studying animal sound communication. The course entails a mix of lectures, practicals, and field excursions aimed at understanding the biology of acoustic signals while gaining hands-on experience with sound recording, playback, and analysis. We strive to attain a broad appreciation for the evolution, development, mechanisms, and functions of this fundamental mode of animal communication.

Fall 2016                                                                                                                                     Mammalogy (BIO 528)   “The diversity of topography within Arizona-from the great pine forests to the greasewood & cactus deserts, from high plateaus to deep canyons, and from grassy mountain meadows to shifting sands-is reflected in the diversity of mammals.” -Hoffmeister 1986

“Probably nowhere else in the United States do more species (of small mammals) so closely related occur so close together, seemingly in the same ecological niche.” -Hoffmeister 1954

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