We strongly advocate dissemination of our science to the general public & have sought various opportunities to do so.

Cornell University Lab of Ornithology Education Program
University of Texas UTEACH
University of Florida SPICE
University of Arizona AZ-Sonora Desert Museum Docent Program

We also endeavor to communicate our research through popular media outlets.
for Pasch et al. 2013 in American Naturalist
National Geographic: Musical mice sing to fend off rivals
Smithsonian Magazine: Birds, wolves, howlers, and…
ABC News: Why mice sing
NBC News: Forest confrontations
University of Texas: Protecting Turf With High-Pitched Tunes
Tampa Tribune: #29

for Pasch et al. 2011 in Animal Behaviour
National Public Radio: Squeaking up a storm: Yes, that mouse is singing
Wired Magazine (UK): Singing mice prefer skilful vocalists
Science News- Macho mice make manly melodies
EarthSky: Singing mice woo mates with tiny serenades
University of Florida- When singing mice choose a mate, a skillful song gets the gal
Science Daily- …rock stars of the rodent world
Wild Mammal Blog- Singing mice top the charts
Int’l Business Times: A singing mouse, Eighth wonder of the world?
España- Radio y Televisión Española: Ratónes catarines parte 1 parte 2

for Pasch et al. 2011 in Hormones & Behavior
Argentina- La Búsqueda. Ciencia en la Radio – FM Ciudad 98.9 Vivitos y Sonando

for Pasch & Koprowski 2011 in Journal of Mammalogy
Press: The Wildlife Professional- Science in Short: Have Shrubs, Will Travel