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We seek curious, creative, & self-motivated students interested in interdisciplinary research. Post-docs & graduate students can anticipate frequent interactions with a strong core of faculty & students interested in animal physiology, ecology, & behavior.

Flagstaff is a great place to live; a 7000’ high biologically-minded community, with many cultural activities & opportunities for recreation.


**for Fall 2017**

MS positions: None currently available

PhD positions: 1 available, with interests in electrophysiology. Please send a cover letter & CV if interested.

Post-doctoral positions: Dr. O’neil Guthrie (NAU Communication Sciences & Disorders) & I seek a post-doctoral scholar with expertise in pharmacokinetics to develop therapeutics for noise-induced hearing loss in mice. Formal advertisement forthcoming.

————————————————————————————————————————————–Thinking of a career in science? from W. W. Ballard’s (1958) Epilogue in “A Closer Look At Science” (with thanks to K. Adler)

“At the creative level, science is rather a lunatic spectacle, of people searching for things that they have not thought of yet, using & contributing to knowledge which they themselves distrust,…and justifying the effort in terms of the welfare of posterity they will never see.

Difficult & confusing as conditions are at the frontiers of science, a person with an active curiosity & a determination to live creatively for an ideal that is beyond him(her)self can find few careers more rewarding than scientific investigation.”